Saturday, March 31, 2012

Daily Thoughts 03/31/2012

Portrait of James Boswell by Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1785

Daily Thoughts 03/31/2012

I am reading more of The Consent of the Networked. The author is writing about the United States policy of "Internet Freedom" which is aimed at making the internet more open worldwide.  Part of it includes providing software to circumvent censorship in places like Iran and China.

I spent some more time on watching videos on time management and Dreamweaver CS5.  I also watched part of a documentary on Richard Koci Hernandez who is a multimedia journalist at an organization called Mission Local

 Tracking Amazon, New Vonnegut E-book Takes #1 Spot
I enjoyed the book.  The length was just right. I could finish it in an evening.  I find reading novellas much easier on e-books than in print.

Mayor Bloomberg's Pitch to New York Startups
I saw this at the NY Tech Meetup.  It was kind of interesting.

I spent some time reading through the Computers In Libraries Conference and the Internet Librarian Conference.  I found one new search engine that was interesting Blekko which is supposed to be spam free.

I also got a complete resume review done by Ellen Mehling of MyMetro today.  I had a chance to make some minor improvements.  It was worth doing.

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