Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Daily Thoughts 03/28/2012

Portrait of Desiderius Esrasmus, engraved in Nuremberg, Germany., Albrecht Durer, 1526

Daily Thoughts 03/28/2012

This morning, I joined My Metro. 

I spent some more time on listening to training videos on resume writing, effective meetings, and CSS.  I think I have the general idea of how CSS and HTML work, but will need to go over what I have learned in a more hands on environment.

I read some more of The Consent of the Networked.  I am learning how Google+ and Facebook don't allow anonymity.  Google+ and Facebook  insist that people use real names.  In contrast, Blogger and Wordpress both allow anonymity. It makes for an interesting contrast.

I was looking a little bit more around the different book startups and found Book Riot.  They do a very good job of picking out very popular material to recommend

Web Bits

Gas Station Made of Recycled Books

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