Saturday, March 24, 2012

Daily Thoughts 03/24/2012

"He Nose The Eyes". 1910 advertisement for Dr. Felix Gaudin, "Graduate Optician", New Orleans
Daily Thoughts 03/24/2012

I read a little bit more of No Shelf Required 2.  I learned that the iPad was the easiest device to access e-books with.  I know that there is a Kindle application for the iPad, as well as an app called Bluefire which lets readers read E-pub documents.  Also, Overdrive has apps for the iPad as well.  It appears to be the most versatile of both the E-readers and Tablets.

I also read a bit more in The Five O'Clock Club Job Search Workbook.  I am up to the part where I am summarizing my interests and comparing them to different positions and companies.  I also have started putting together ideas for industries to target.

In addition, I read some more of Consent of the Networked.  The author is describing how the internet is being used as a surveillance tool for governments.  Mobile phones are increasingly being monitored as well as web traffic.  I personally follow the adage that if a computer is connected to a network, it is not secure.

I watched some more video training on focused on resumes, time management, and Dreamweaver. It is a slow steady process.  I try and do a little bit each day.  I am probably going to watch the video on effective meetings as well.

I read some more of Word Hero this afternoon.  The author is describing how to use figures of speech in writing.  He even has a blog called  Figures of Speech Served Fresh.  It is enjoyable light reading.

I spent some time looking around the internet.  I found a few small media companies that seem interesting The Atavist which produces short form works for the Kindle and Snooth Media which is an epicurean site

Findings Turns Marginalia Into Discovery Engines

I found another two social publishing sites, Completely Novel and WEBook    There is also another social reading company that is launching soon, Readmill

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