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Daily Thoughts 03/21/2012

Instalación provisional de la proyectada Biblioteca Central y Oficina Bibliográfica de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, March 30, 1908

Daily Thoughts 03/21/2012

I took a few minutes to look at Bilbary this morning and it is not that impressive.

Sometimes you see things that are a little different.  Artifex Press is working on creating Catalog Raisonnes in a digital format.

I am steadily learning more about the tech world in terms of publishing.  What I have learned is that there are an almost unlimited number of artists and writers seeking to be recognized.  Many of the newer artists are willing to almost give away their work in order to be recognized.  There are far less people able to build the technology.

It is almost a case where the container is currently more valuable than the content.  There is a very hollow feel to it.  I am noticing that the back end developers are starting to develop ways to simplify the front end for web design.

It feels like books will become somewhat like accessories to leave on your coffee table or make your house look nice in the future.  As print technology improves, books will be designed with greater care to make them even more visually and physically appealing.

I started reading No Shelf Required 2 Use and Management of Electronic Books Edited by Sue Polanka.

I put the book The end of money : counterfeiters, preachers, techies, dreamers-and the coming cashless society by  David Wolman on hold. 

I try and spend a little bit of time every day on improving my skills right now.

I read a bit more of Consent of the Networked on my PC.  The author is writing about the struggle for control of the internet between corporations, government, and citizens.  His perspective comes from the digital commons which runs throughout the internet.

Mostly, I have been spending time relaxing and reading.  I have had some time off to take care of some personal things.

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