Friday, March 23, 2012

Daily Thoughts 03/23/2012

Page with typeface samples from the Kelmscott Press, 1897, showing samples of Chaucer, Troy, and Golden Type designed by William Morris

Daily Thoughts 03/23/2012

I read some more of No Shelf Required 2.  There was a very interesting section on the digital divide.  Part of this section is about how it is important to show people how to use digital devices like e-readers.  Much like the library is the only place which some people have access to computers, it could also be one of the only places where people would have access to e-books or other electronic content like electronic magazines.  How this access is done is debatable. It was also interesting reading about accessibility and e-books.  Text to speech, description of formulas and tables for the blind, and being able to adjust font and screen size were discussed.

I also read some more of The Consent of the Networked.  There was an entire chapter on internet censorship in China which the author calls networked authoritarianism.  There was some interesting material on patriotism and hacking in the chapter on China as well.

I bought the e-book Word Hero A Fiendishly Clever Guide to Crafting the Lines That Get Laughs, Go Viral, and Live Forever by Jay Heinrich.  I saw this book on Getglue and found that it was not available in any of my local libraries.

This afternoon, I spent some time looking at different book startups, two which seemed especially interesting are which sells books by the page and which provides data and analytics for publishers.

I spent some time this afternoon on watching videos on time management and resume writing.  I think they will be useful.

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