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Daily Thoughts 06/01/2013

Sunday Magazine (1908) Phillips,C

Daily Thoughts 06/01/2013

This morning, I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library.  Today is the last day for Book Expo America.

I did not get to Book Expo America until the late afternoon.  I did not go to pick up more material.  I was hoping to get a chance to talk to ebook vendors.  A lot of the vendors were working on systems to convert documents into different formats from a variety of different document types: HTML5, InDesign, Word Perfect, EPUB, Mobi and other formats.  For example, Aquafadas can take documents and add video and animation then change them into an app or epub document.

There were a few new things.  For example, there is now a self publishing platform for ebooks called ACX, Audiobook Creation Exchange   It also looks like some of the bigger publishers are starting to support self publishing.  For example Simon and Schuster now has Archway Publishing which helps people self publish books, there even was a local author from Bedford, New York who was using their services , Bowker has

I learned that ipublish central worked with Douglas County Public Library on their ebook system in Denver Colorado.

I also took some time to talk with  to learn a little bit more about how they were creating a marketplace for author services.  They said that another company which had a marketplace for author services, Bibliocrunch  also had stopped by.

I can see some major changes happening with author services and self publishing that are going on now, not in the future.

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BEA 2013 Welcome Power Readers
Book Expo America for the first time is opening its doors to the public.  It should be interesting.

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