Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daily Thoughts 06/11/2013

Amanda Sidvall Self Portrait 1870-1871

Daily Thoughts 06/11/2013

This morning, I read some more of Digital Photography for Dummies.  I am almost done reading it.  I am learning about printers for digital photography right now.  I am planning on reading a basic book on Photoshop Elements which is an easier version of Adobe Photoshop as well as reading a more general book on photography.  The library has a fairly large photography collection.

I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library this morning and checked the displays.  Right now, I am working on the e-blast list.  I am pulling together a few things to make it work well.  There is construction in the workroom so I have to take some of my stuff out of there.

I checked the book Digital Photography Masterclass by Tom Ang out.  It should be interesting.  I finished reading Digital Photography for Dummies during lunch.

There are two computer classes tonight, a beginning Microsoft Word class and a Fundamentals of Computer  Operations class.  There is going to be a meeting of the website committee on Thursday.  We should be working on making some changes.

I am thinking of getting Expect More: Demanding Better Libraries For Today’s Complex World, David Lankes, winner of the 2012 ABC-CLIO/Greenwood Award for the Best Book in Library Literature
He is teaching as part of the Syracuse University New Librarianship Master Class Online.

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Walk Your Precinct : Use Campaign Techniques to Activate Library Advocates and Voters


Queens Library is facing $30 million dollars in budget cuts.
All of the libraries in the five boroughs of Manhattan are facing large cuts to their budgets.

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