Thursday, June 13, 2013

Daily Thoughts 06/13/2013

Still Life With Books and Candle, Henri Matisse, 1893

Daily Thoughts 06/13/2013

I checked the gift books and the displays this morning.  I also spent a little bit of time checking the social media.  I helped another staff member sign up to be an administrator for Facebook.  This means I have a little help with this which is nice.

We had a meeting this morning to discuss the website.  I have a number of things to do. I spent some time looking at the Ferguson Library website in Connecticut where our new director came from.  There were a few links that might be useful like Reading Group Choices

I also spent a little time preparing for the Adult Summer Reading.  I put the book Who Owns the Future by Jaron Lanier on hold.

I did a little more work for the website.  We are adding some suggested legal resources.  The library also has two computer classes tonight, a Microsoft Excel class and a Microsoft Powerpoint class.

Web Bits

In Praise of Traditional Libraries

Pew Parents Children and Reading

The Avant Garde Art of Book Stacking In Stores of Japan

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