Monday, August 4, 2008

Afternoon Thoughts

A little light reading.

Afternoon Thoughts

I read some more of The Future of the Internet on the train to work today. The book is quite complex. It may take me a couple more days to finish reading. One of the concepts in books is tethered appliances or computers specifically dedicated for unique purposes. Iphones, xboxes, and automatic teller machines are good examples of this kind of device. These devices are designed to be very secure and have limited purposes. They do not have open programming architectures.

When I got in to work, I focused on ordering business books. I basically plugged in the titles of the previous titles I had found from Barnes and Noble, Powells, and the Queens library. It really was mostly make work to finish compiling an order list.

Then I went through the last six months of monthly reports to compile program statistics for adult programs I had done. It was mainly attendance records with totals for programs done in the library and from outside agencies. We mainly brought in Service Corps of Retired Executives and the Womens Enterprise Development Center. In house, we had poetry readings and some films every month.

This afternoon, I also did some some more inserts of the law collection. Afterwards, I started on weeding the quarto or oversize graphic novels and comics. It is quite interesting looking at Fearless Fosdick, Little Nemo In Slumberland, Chas Addams, and Dick Tracy. We have a lot of anthologies of all the classic comics from yesteryear.

Today was a day for everyday activities that go with the job.

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