Saturday, August 30, 2008

Good Evening

A portrait of Pierre de Fermat, French lawyer and mathematician.

Good Evening

I wrote a short review today. Today has been a day for relaxation. I finished reading another book, The Last Theorem by Frederik Pohl and Arthur C. Clarke. Arthur C. Clarke died before the book was published. Frederik Pohl might have finished Arthur C. Clark's novel. I am really not quite sure about this one. It is a solidly entertaining book. It is not as good as I would have liked, but things often get a little fuzzy when one author finishes another authors work or writers collaborate.

The craftsmanship in the book is excellent. The story at times does not read like a traditional science fiction book at all. It is more of a near future novel, than a science fiction novel. It reads very much like a novel. The characters seem like people you might meet in real life. The book is on the Locus bestseller list.

It is Labor Day Weekend. I hope for all of your sakes you consider the plight of labor. I wish you all luck wherever you work. I hope you have a place where there is little plight between labor and management and cordial relations. If you are in the corporate world, I wish you a bit of profit sharing. I believe in a certain amount of employee ownership. I am glad to be part of a union.

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