Saturday, August 23, 2008

Library Fines, Good Morning, Afternoon Thoughts

The 2005 Hugo Award from Worldcon.

Library Fines

This is a nice little article on a woman going to jail for not paying $38.00 in library fines. I think it is a bit extreme to call the police for not paying library fines. We have a collection agency that calls to collect money from patrons and attaches the bill to a persons credit card. We also put a block on a card if they have over $10.00 in fines. Still, it is an interesting if a little bit wacky article. The New York Post is a slightly muckraking paper.

Good Morning

Good morning to you all. I am having a nice moring. I have a 16 ounce cup of coffee in front of me from the local deli. Hot and fresh and time to wake up. Today, I am going to do some recaps from the news. There is going to be a Hugo award for the best graphic story. I am surprised that Locus and SFSite have not picked up on this yet.

Steven Brust author of the Taltos novels has written a free fan fiction novel based on the television series Firefly. You can get it here. I hear the magical call of the word free.

Afternoon Thoughts

I have been reading some more of Wikinomics. I am learning some interesting facts. Wikipedia has five full time paid staff members, the rest are volunteers. It takes approximately seven people to build a web company from scratch that can start on the way to becoming a top competitor in the web industry. (A pretty wild claim). Still a quite entertaining read.


Anonymous said...

okay that's a tad crazy, jail fr 38.00 dollars. the library is the only place i don't mind paying a fine because i love it there and it's just may way of donating...although i don't get too many fines, but if i do, i don't care

Unknown said...

It says a lot about the way fines are handled...