Thursday, August 7, 2008

Morning Thoughts

Some things don't change that much. The Standard Oil Octopuss from 1904

Morning Thoughts

I started reading The Post American World by Fareed Zakaria on the train last night. It has been interesting reading so far. I think he misses some important points. There is too much emphasis on BRIC (Brazil India China) and not enough on some of the European countries and Australia which are quickly rising to become leaders in standard of living and quality manufacturing. Still, it is quite interesting to read.

Things are changing at a face pace in the world. Hopefully, we will have leaders who can create a situation where a rising tide of economic and social benefits helps all over the world. This is of course a dream. Despite what people are seeing on television, there are a lot less despots and a lot less wars.

I spent more time weeding the 650-659 dewey number collection this morning. I am going to order books to fill in many of the gaps I am finding in the collection. Part of the issue with ordering business books, especially accounting and finance books is many of them are very expensive and very academic. Some of the academic business titles are too complicated for lay readers. As a public library, we don't actively purchase textbooks. Even some of the non-academic material is in the hundred plus dollar range per book for business which is out of our budget range.

On the train home, I finished reading The Post American World.  I have mixed opinions about the book.  In some ways it is interesting.  I think it is a bit predictable and clearly aimed at an American audience.  I think there was a lot missing from the view he was presenting.

I also started reading Crystal Rain.  I rather like the Caribbean style future culture clashing with an Aztec future culture.  It makes for some interesting science fiction.


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I simply must figure out how to read and make jewelry at the same time..your blog is reminding me what I am missing working 10 hour days:-). Thanks for the advert on my blog!!

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Thanks for coming by, I do appreciate it.