Monday, August 25, 2008

Morning Thoughts

Information is where it is at. Information cannot be created or destroyed according to some theories much like matter or energy.

Morning Thoughts

I put down Wikinomics for a night to read something a little bit more lightweight. I read Space Vulture by Gary K. Wolfe and Archbishop John J. Myers. This book is something that might have been written in the golden age of science fiction. It is very campy. However, there is a much more complex underpinning of morals to this story. I am going to take some time to review it later. Gary K. Wolfe is famous for creating Roger Rabbit.

Wikinomics is a fairly complex books. It covers a lot of collaborative ideas like prosuming, open source software, wikis, and ideagoras. It really makes you think when you read the book.

Afternoon Thoughts

I just got back from vacation. I did a variety of minor clean up activities, filing some legal looseleafs, making sure there were plenty of books on the display stand, walking around the stacks to make sure everything looked orderly, and picking up various papers to check from my work mailbox.

Most of my orders were processed during my vacation. I returned some of the books which I read during the vacation.

A bunch of science fiction books came in for me to read, Arthur C. Clarke and Frederik Pohl The Last Theorem, Gregory Frost Lord Tophet A Shadowbridge Novel, Mark L. Van Name Slanted, and Tobias Buckell Sly Mongoose. The book I really want to read is Sly Mongoose. I think this book will be nominated for a hugo award.

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