Friday, January 2, 2009

Daily Thoughts

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) from "Vanity Fair", issue 812, April 1884. Signed by caricaturist "Ape" (i.e. "Bee", pseudoname of Carlo Pellegrini 1839-1889).

Daily Thoughts

I took a short walk to my local library. The computers were completely filled up so I could not sit down at them. I returned two books and took out a few more, Ferguson Career Building Skills Library Teamwork Skills, Second Edition and a science fiction novel by Andy Remic, War Machine A Combat-K Novel.

The walk to the library was rather pleasant. It was a little drizzly outside. Walking regularly, doing a bit of yoga, and changing my diet has helped me a lose a pant size. It is quite comfortable to be a bit smaller. I am hoping to be even smaller in February.

Today has been a quiet day, more so than other days.

After realizing my blog traffic has fallen off a little bit, I decided to add a top commenters widget for blogger. This lists the bloggers who have made the most recent comments on this blog. I found the widget at: . I also put in the blogger followers widget. This was to show who from blogger was following me.

When you go through your site tracker you often find the strangest things. Apparently, my blog is a fantasy stock worth fantasy money. I was a little surprised. I thought I had to register my blog, but apparently, other people can.

Today is rather unplanned and a bit here and there.


Andrea said...

The Carlo Pellegrini you mention, where is he from, do you know and is there more work from him that I can find?

Book Calendar said... This is the Wikipedia entry for Carlo Pelligrini. He is known as APE in Vanity Fair or Singe. Almost all of his work is in the public domain.

This is a list of Vanity Fair Caricatures. The majority are in the public domain, or are listed as such on Wikimedia.