Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daily Thoughts

L'Arlésienne (Porträt der Mme Ginoux) Vincent Van Gogh Oil on Canvas 1888

Daily Thoughts

The new director for the system came and visited our library. We sat in the staff room and introduced ourselves and said what each of our departments did. It was fairly pleasant. There were coffee, bagels, and muffins. He walked around and did a tour of the building. Then he went off and had lunch with the director of our library. I wonder what they were talking about.

I can see some changes coming fairly quickly to our library very soon. The city is proposing a survey of people want from their local government. We have not had an official survey of library patron's needs since I came here. I look forward to seeing what people want.

Tomorrow is the monthly board meeting. I usually take the reference desk during the board meetings so I can't really attend the meeting. I see the various board members leave as the meeting ends. I think this should be an interesting meeting. There are supposed to be several people from the community who will be there today. I often talk to one of them at the library about which computer books he likes. I think one of them may be asking for a board position.

I'll wait until after tomorrow to see what happens.

We are currently in union negotiations, something which can be very touchy. I am not going to say anything positive or negative. We have not had a contract for a number of years. I wish they could hash things out between union and management. It can be quite difficult at times in both directions. Because I am a line employee, I am a member of the union, CSEA which I support. Union membership is important.

A round of sexual harassment and violence in the workplace workshops were held in the library. I heard that they went over The Code of Conduct during the training for the library. The trainer said hello to me. She remembered me well.

On the way home from work, I read some more of Building Hope Leadership in the Nonprofit World by John Bateson. It is quite enlightening. I really don't understand that much about how boards work, this has given me a little bit more of an idea of how these things work. I am not sure that I get the idea of volunteering to be on a nonprofit board that much. This probably open doors to opportunities for many people.

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