Friday, January 2, 2009

Razor Girl Love Cuts Both Ways by Marianne Mancusi

Razor Girl Love Cuts Both Ways by Marianne Mancusi

This is a silly campy novel. It is a postapocalyptic
zombie romance. The main character, Molly Anderson, is
a tribute to William Gibson's Neuromancer. She has
ocular implants and razor claws.

The book starts out as Molly Anderson is falling in love
with Chase Griffin, the boy next door. This is during
the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. People start
turning into pus filled, man eating zombies. There are
of course references to George Romero films.

Numerous cliches abound. They have the feeling they are
meant to be there. Molly must shoot Erin her best
friend who has turned into a three eyed zombie. Molly's
father is a mad scientist who makes

Switch to six years later. Molly has been in a fallout
shelter. When she comes out of the fallout shelter, she
immediately tears apart a zombie with her razor claws
saving Chase Griffin her high school fling. He of
course looks like the cover of a romance novel. Fabio
here I come.

The novel switches back and forth between high school
zombie apocalypse; and the end of the world wasteland.
Molly must get to Disneyland to save her father. She
brings Chase Griffin and his eight charges, child
survivors of the apocalypse.

This novel is silly and fun. It is competently put
together. There is sex, zombie killing, and cliches;
lots of cliches. Marianne Mancusi writes young adult
novels and action romances. This is her blog

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