Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Daily Thoughts

Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana in Florence (Italy): Press.

Daily Thoughts

New green library building in Darien Connecticut.

I put The Breath of God by Harry Turtledove on hold. It is a fantasy novel. I like Harry Turtledove's fantasy much better than his alternate history novels.

On the train in to work, I started reading The Ghost In Love by Jonathan Carroll. Lots of fun; a talking dog, a ghost that cooks, a love affair gone bad, cosmic mishaps, and a deranged homeless man make for an interesting story.

Today has been a day to do a lot more weeding of the social science books. I may be done a little bit faster than I expected. I have a library aide helping me with the shifting right now, so that should speed up the process considerably.

The career counselor who comes in once a week, gave me a list of recommended titles to order for our job information center. I also use the Chief Newspaper which is the civil service newspaper for Manhattan, and the county job listings to order civil service test books.

I also went to the Council of Community Services meetings at noon which was helpful. We may have some more contacts to do events with very soon.

Right now I am also looking at two vendors for ebooks, YBP Library Services a service of Baker and Taylor books and Overdrive. I am looking at getting a small package of ebooks, about 500 of them, with three special sections, bestsellers, job books, and computer books. I have to examine the two services a little bit more. I realize that there is a burst of growth with the Kindle platform and the Sony Ereader platform.


Anonymous said...

Jonathan Carroll also keeps one of the great daily blogs on his website www.jonathancarroll.com Funny, thoughtful, and often moving. Good stuff

Heidi Silkas

Book Calendar said...

I really like Jonathan Carroll's website. He has electronic postcards of many of his bookcovers.