Thursday, January 1, 2009

Daily Thoughts

Jack Kerouac's poem in the center of San Francisco Chinatown's Jack Kerouac Alley.

Daily Thoughts

I am reading Marianne Mancusi, Razor Girl Love Cuts Both Ways, an action romance. The book is part of the Shomi Fiction action romance series. It is very campy. During the first part of the book, they even include some words on George Romero. On the Shomi Fiction site, you can see the author Marianne Mancusi in a gothic lolita cosplay outfit. This is kind of entertaining. . It makes the book both contemporary and a bit geeky.

The book is published by Dorchester Publishers. They also do the Hard Case Crime line of noire mystery paperbacks which I really like also. . I have read a bunch of Dorchester paperbacks including Max Allan Collins, Ms. Tree. I like the publishers campy irreverent style. It is making them well known very quickly. .

I watched Walt Disney's The Sword In The Stone, 45th Anniversary Edition this afternoon. This is based on T.H. White's Sword In The Stone written in 1938. It is the first part of The Once and Future King, a classic of fantasy. People still ask for the book occassionally. The movie brought back memories from when I was a child. I remember seeing it when I was seven years old in the theater. Sometimes, it comes on television. The screenplay is written by Bill Peet who is one of my favorite childrens book writers.

I really like the way that Arthur or wart as he is called in the film is transformed first into a fish, then a squirrel, then a bird. The animation is wonderful. It has a whimsical quality to it. These are my favorite parts of the movie. It is a nice reminder that using your brain is the best way to get ahead in the world.

Ekaterina Sedia who wrote The Secret History of Moscow has a new novel, The Alchemy of Stone. It is supposed to be a steampunk novel. I am looking forward to reading it.

Jonathan Carroll also has a new novel, The Ghost In Love, it is supposed to be a paranormal fiction novel, but as all of his novels, it probably has some very unusual philosophy woven into it as well.

I searched which lists the holdings of a lot of the public and academic libraries in the United States and found 196 listings for Jack Payne's Six Hours Past Thursday. I am going to place an interlibrary loan for the book this Saturday when I go back to work.

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abby villa said...

enjoyed your pages...thanks for the visit. enjoying life is what i try to resolve to do each day. thanks for cheering me on!