Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Daily Thoughts

Howard Pyle illustration of a handsome pirate, entitled "Buccaneer of the Caribbean", from Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates. Howard Pyle is one of my favorite book illustrators.

Daily Thoughts

Library Thing, a social networking site which exchanges personal catalogs of books has called for a new cataloging system called, "The Open Shelves Classification". It is based on the idea of crowd sourcing for common subject headings. I rather think the idea is very interesting.


I joined Book Bloggers, a 975 member social network on Ning. http://bookblogs.ning.com/profile/BookCalendar


Shea said...

I just finished reading a book about the REA and how coolidge and hoover said it'd never work, it's all about the electrification, or bringing electricity to rural areas, America, and that FDR made it possible for people outside of cities to have it, interesting, and the things that electric makes easier, we all take for granted, even taking a bath, etc

Book Calendar said...

There are a lot of things which people believe won't work, but if you take the time and look at the possible numbers, we can have a renewable energy economy, but it will include a lot of things which people are not ready to embrace yet, microhydro, plasma converters, wave power turbines (ocean power) , solar concentrator plants, biocrude made from algae in addition to solar, wind, biofuels,hydroelectric and geothermal. It will require a real change in thinking.

Book Calendar said...

Thanks for coming by Hapi, I like your favicons. I don't plan on adding adsense right now. I am focusing on noncommercial content.