Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daily Thoughts

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Daily Thoughts

I went to the doctor this morning. I lost another 3 pounds. I am trying not to diet, but instead focus on changing my personal habits. I rather like the idea of the book I Can Make You Thin by Paul A. McKena. It is supposed to be about the psychology of eating; things like how to stop eating when you are upset, and how to control your impulses. I think that I have to stop snacking on cashews and trail mix during the day. They have a lot of fat in them. I asked him about an exercise bike. He told me that I should do some aerobics every day; but more importantly I should watch my diet.

Of course if I was truly creative, I could live off of the bacon and food stains which people live in returned books. I find this article rather satirical.

I finished reading No Limits: The Will To Succed by Michael Phelps with Alan Abrahamson. Michael Phelps won eight gold medals in the 2008 olympics in swimming. He is the olympian who has won the most medals. This book is about a total focus and dedication to the sport of swimming. It is a very good book if you want to understand what it takes to be a champion.


badVlad said...

I'm currently developing a diet that is based on the Dewey Decimal system. Books can be an excellent source of dietary fiber.

Book Calendar said...

Of course, you can survive off the bacon people leave between the pages when they return the books.