Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Daily Thoughts

James Jacques Joseph Tissot(1836-1902)Reading the News

Daily Thoughts

I spent much of this morning ordering computer books. It has been very quiet today. I learned that the whitehouse now has its own blog. I find it kind of interesting.

I spent some time going through Forecast from Baker & Taylor for February for mass market paperbacks. They had an interesting title How Barack Obama Won by Chuck Todd and Sheldon Gawiser. This should be interesting. Mostly, I ordered romance and suspense paperbacks. In addition, I looked through the January 1, 2009 and January 15, 2009 Kirkus Reviews. I mainly ordered social science titles from Kirkus.

Today has been a quiet, pleasant day.

I finished reading Getting Things Done When You Are Not In Charge by Geoffrey M. Bellman on the train home. It is about how to introduce change while not being officially in charge. The book focuses on administrative, professional, and support positions. It talks a lot about informal networks and informal politics in the workplace.


Alabama Book Worm said...

Love today's picture.

Book Calendar said...

I rather liked it as well.

Shea said...

I like the picture too, and thanks for sharing the whitehouse blog