Monday, January 12, 2009

Daily Thoughts

Rembrandt (1606-1669): "Portrait of Johannes Elison" (1634)

Daily Thoughts
Today has been very busy again. I did a lot more weeding in the social sciences section. I am also shifting the books around as I am weeding. This takes quite a bit of time to do. My colleague is weeding the education books right now. I am two thirds done with the social science books. I will definitely finish by the end of the month.

We finished working on the services brochure for our library. I also started working on a new business card for the library. I think I am beginning to get a sense of Microsoft Publisher. There are quite a few things more which we can work with. The next thing to do is to create a new sheet advertising our community spaces.

I also spent some time going over my orders to make sure I was not duplicating anyone elses orders. Everything appears to be clean. So, I think I am caught up with a lot of different activities. On Wednesday, I am doing another poetry open microphone.

I was too tired to read on the train to work this morning. I took a short nap instead.

The movie, Wall-E came in for me to watch. It looks very entertaining.

Right now, I am quite tired. I was so tired that I could not read. I could write though. I feel like a third person right now. An odd kind of poetry seems to be reaching me.

Burn star bright red hot
A meteor descending earthward
Crater a mile wide

Sleep waits for no man
Heavy lidded coffee eyes
Fueled in the long night

Innocence Nonsense
This is in no sense nonsense
It is a series series of thoughts

Thoughts written with writing

Philosophical philosophies in the now

Are you truly innocent inside
Or are filled fully with nonsense

This is a nice little biography of one of my favorite poets, Bob Kaufman. He has a flavor in his writing that is all his own. I especially like his poem, Abomunist Manifesto.

I have been looking at the idea of purchasing ebooks. There has been a tremendous surge in ebook usage; in the last year, Sony ebooks sold 300,000 units, and Amazon sold approximately 400,000 units of kindle, and over a million programs for reading books on the ipod have been downloaded.

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