Saturday, January 10, 2009

Daily Thoughts

Sun Tzu the author of the military classic, The Art of War which is about strategy. I could compare it to Musashi's The Book of Five Rings which is about strategy. Both are well worth reading. These books are not just about fighting, they are about being organized and excellent.

Daily Thoughts

I took a walk to my local library this morning. It started snowing just as I was coming home; so I rushed home and got in the car and drove to get the groceries. It is snowing hard outside.

I picked up a book at my local library, Click What Millions of People Are Doing Online and Why It Matters Unexpected Insights for Business and Life by Bill Tancer. I am hoping it may give me some insights into why people go to websites. I also picked up two bookmarks. One is for Read Away Your Fines, a program for people under 16 that want to lower their fines. It works by giving people $1 per half hour they sit and read towards their fines. So if you read for an hour, you get $2 towards paying your fine in library bucks, a form of scrip. It seems a little low for fine reductions. The other bookmark is a notice about book renewals; you can renew by phone or on the internet.

I tried to read Click, but it quickly became agonizing. I find web metrics to not be the most fascinating subject. This book is essentially about web data in a very general way. If you are fascinated with statistics you might like this book. Statistics was not my favorite subject. Also, the book is by a first time writer. The writing is a bit dull with not enough variety in its vocabulary. Take a pass and try something else.

The something else is No Limits The Will To Succeed by Michal Phelps with Alan Abrahamson. Michael Phelps won eight gold medials in swimming. I admit my own basis, when I was younger, I was on the swim team. I only won first place once in backstroke. Still, swimming is an excellent healthful sport that keeps you in great shape. This book is about performance and the will to win.

I am realizing that my goal with my website with traffic is not to get massive traffic but to draw in quality traffic that will give me ideas in the publishing and library world. It is not about having a huge number of hits, but having regular readers who show an interest in what I am writing about.

I went and bought a new mouse for my computer. I still had the same mouse with the little rubber ball I had from three years ago. It was working until now. Now I have a Logitech USB optical mouse. I feel a little bit like a luddite; I generally follow the idea of if it is not broken don't fix it. I should probably get a thumb drive for my keychain as well.

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