Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daily Thoughts 12/2/2009

Portrait of Giacomo Casanova made about 1750-1755 by his brother Francesco Casanova, who was a famous painter (Gosudarstvennyj Istoriceskij Muzej of Moskow).

Daily Thoughts 12/2/2009

Today was a day for working on signage. We put up a sign for our current events book table which says "Current Events and People in the News" as well as two clip on signs for our small display tables with the words, "These books are ready to take out." We are also working on creating a new sign for the New Arrivals section.

I also refreshed a few displays, taking out the holiday display and putting in a book display on gardening and flowers. We have a fairly large section with oversize or quarto books and they make excellent display items.

I started on designing a flyer for the graphic novels club, we are going to start with Neil Gaiman, Sandman as an opener. We are getting a new library card for the graphic novel club.

I spent some time ordering books as well. It has been a nice steady day. This evening, I am going through Powell's Review A Day, and various reviews from Library Journals online reviews to pick out a few more books.

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