Monday, December 28, 2009

Daily Thoughts 12/28/2009

This was the Picture of the Day for December 28, 2009. It is also a featured picture on Wikimedia. It is of Oscar Wilde.

Daily Thoughts 12/28/2009

I requested the 2010 Baker and Taylor cat calendars from Baker and Taylor. Baker and Taylor uses two cats as its mascots, Baker and Taylor. Found it on our representatives blog. I am also updating my subscriptions to their review magazines.

Looking at Libriloop which is a closed loop recycler for libraries. It takes discarded library and publisher stock and turns them into different products which it is attempting to sell back to libraries. The objective is to take discarded stock from a specific type of company and recycle it back into the company where it came from.

Took some time to look at Suvudu which is a blog for Bantam Spectra. They are reviewing childrens graphic novels this week. Today, they have an article on Babymouse whihc is one of the better childrens comics. It is lighthearted fun.

If you want to see an interesting set of alternative comics by Jordan Crane, they are available for free at . These can be a bit ironic. There is some mature content, but the quality is very good.

Sometimes, you find things that seem interesting but don't really have a particular place. I saw an event on March 16, 2010 called The Future of Publishing. It looks like one of those things where they are creating something new and random and are not quite sure what will happen.

Today has been a day for wandering on the web. This is an interesting article called Books You Can Live Without from the New York Times. Maybe it is time to cull my personal library again. I don't keep a huge amount of books. Only things with practical value.

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