Thursday, June 5, 2014

Daily Thoughts 06/05/2014

Daily Thoughts 06/05/2014

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

I took some time to relax today.  I read The Sea Without A Shore by David Drake which is the latest book in the RCN Royal Cinnabar Navy series of military science fiction.  It was relaxing reading something for pure esccapism.  I rather like David Drake's writing.  He often uses history as a backdrop to his novels.

David Drake also adds additional elements to his military science fiction that are subtle.  There is a negotiation to free hostages, the use of information, espionage, small unit tactics, and politics which adds more than you may find in other military science fiction.  I also like that there is a bit of naturalism to describe the alien worlds which Lieutenant Leary visits.  In addition, one of the characters, Adele Munday has a background as a librarian which is pleasing to me.  A relaxing read with a bit of wonder.

I read a bit more of The Fusion Marketing Bible.  I have been reading about blogs.  Blogs rank high in search because most blogs are updated weekly or daily.  This means which can also function as a content management system tends to get higher ranking in search engines than static web pages.

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