Monday, January 11, 2016

Daily Thoughts 01/11/2016

Daily Thoughts 01/11/2016

I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library this morning.

I also checked the gift books and displays.  I put up a banner that said, January is Financial Wellness Month for the displays.

I placed an order for new books this week.  I have a copy of the New York Times Book Review to read.

This morning, I started reading We, Robots Staying Human in the Age of Big Data by Curtis White.  It is a criticism of the descriptions of a future run by robots.  Curtis White reminds us that many of the decisions about how robots are going to change society are social choices.  He successfully criticizes the idea that the rich will become richer, most people will be servants or concierges to the upper middle class and upper class, and the majority of us will be at the bottom.  The language is quite interesting.  He is against the idea of robots completely replacing the working class.

I worked on the monthly report for January.  I am writing up some content on ideas for the Sparks! Ignition Grant.

We had a group visit the lab to prepare for a GED class.

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