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Daily Thoughts 01/30/2015

File:Janez Šubic - Pismo.jpg
Janez Šubic, Slovenščina: Pismo, 1878, 

Daily Thoughts 01/30/2016

I checked the libraries Twitter and Facebook this morning.

I also read some more of On Her Own Ground.  I am reading about how Madam C.J. Walker would sell her product.   She would set herself up in a comfortable hotel in the town she visited then solicit the local black churches and fraternal organizations to do presentations.  This is a classic example of selling to who you know.  It is also an excellent of business success.  Part of the reason her product was so successful is that it was one of the few ways black women could make money at the time.  According to the book in the 1900s 90% of black women who worked were employed as domestic help.  The book has a set of black and white photographs many of which feature Madam C.J. Walker's products.  The author, A'leila Bundle is related to Madam C.J. Walker.

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