Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Daily Thoughts 05/02/2012

Geb[h]ō no atamazori Print shows a woman reading, sitting in a chair at a cabinet containing tea service utensils, on the wall behind her is a print showing two of the seven lucky gods, Daikokuten shaving Fukurokuju's head.  Date Created/Published: [ between 1818 and 1830]
Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-jpd-01961 (digital file from original print)

Daily Thoughts 05/02/2012

I started reading Straphanger today.  The book opens with the history of the New York Subway.  There is even a description of workers tunneling under New York city.  Taras Grescoe describes the automobile as both wasteful and polluting.  He likes the idea of cities that are more walkable, have bike lanes, and more public transportation, especially trains.

I checked the Facebook and Twitter pages for the library today.  I also talked to the authors coming on May 8, 2012.  We are having Ellen Datlow who is an editor, Laird Barron who is an author, and John Langan who is an author.  They are going to be discussing the anthology Poe: 19 New Tales Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.  Unfortunately, Gregory Frost won't be able to make it.

I also checked the gift books.   We have the Computer Lab open between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. today for academic use.

I am looking at BookAND which is a social bookstore which is odd.  I found it on Joe Wikert's Publishing 2020 blog.

I am looking at Publishers Weekly, April 30, 2012 issue in the section on Book Expo America, they have the booths listed by number.  I created a checklist in numerical order of the different publishers I plan on visiting.  It should be interesting.

I also spent a little bit of time updating the displays.  We have a display up for home improvement, a display of books for the easy reader collection, and the current events display.

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