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Daily Thoughts 05/13/2012

Reading to Grandma, Arm Chair Stories, Cassell & Company, 1886

Daily Thoughts 05/13/2012

First of all happy Mothers Day.

I finished reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.  The last part includes quite a bit about his cancer and his liver transplant.  Even when Steve Jobs had cancer, he continued working at Apple computers.  He was an incredibly driven person.  Towards the end of the book there is a lot about the differences between closed end products represented by Steve Jobs and more open products represented by Microsoft.  There were quite a few insites about business in the book.  Steve Jobs was more driven by design than monetary concerns in many situations.  I liked reading about the yacht he planned and the new campus that Steve Jobs worked on.  He was very much a perfectionist.  This is an excellent book to read.  It is worth reading especially if you are interested in design, art, or computers.

I also finished taking Project Fundamentals on which was quite interesting to me.  It showed an outline of how project managers organized, financed, and timed projects.

I also watched a bit of the history of Warner Brothers films which was a nice way to relax.

Web Bits

Wave of 'Bad' E-book News Dark Cloud or Blip?
I hope things are slowing down a bit.  It will give some time for libraries and bookstores to catch up more and formulate better plans.  I still got a lot of questions about e-books, but, it is more oriented towards how they work, rather than can I learn about this new thing.

Momentum Builds for Douglas County Library System Ebook Model

If you go to the Douglas County Library System you see that they have Overdrive, Freegal, and 3M, but they also have their own system where they can buy ebooks directly from the publishers which separates them from a lot of other library systems.  It also opens up some hope that there may be a better way to buy ebooks eventually for libraries.

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