Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Daily Thoughts 05/22/20122

Fairy Garden in Ludwigsberg Germany

Daily Thoughts 05/22/2012

On the way to work, I read a little bit of Javascript The Missing ManualIt has the feel of learning a new way of thinking about the world that is very precise.

I updated the Twitter and Facebook for the library this morning and checked the displays.  I also talked to the career counselor today about her program.  She comes every Tuesday.

I spent some time this morning talking to a colleague about the Summer Reading Program.  I am focusing on adults. The Adult Summer Reading Program name is Between the Covers and the theme this year is Dream Big.  We were going over Evanced which is the content management system for the summer reading program put together by New York state.

I have a copy of Baker and Taylor Forecast and Publishers Weekly to read through as well as Booklist.

I put the book, Legions of Rome: the Definitive History of Every Imperial Roman Legion by Stephen Dando Collins on hold.  It is supposed to be the only complete history of the roman legions and it is illustrated.I also put the book, The Living Dead: the Beginning by George A.  Romero on hold.  George A. Romero directed the horror movie, Night of the Living Dead.

I finished doing a little bit more on CSS on Codecademy.  On the way home, I read some more of Javascript the Missing Manual.  I think I will be soon be able to restart the Codecademy section on Javascript.

I also read some more of Alexander Pope's version of Ulysses.  I am at the point that Ulysses deceives the cyclops and escapes.

I have an e-reader and I read books.  The advantage of the e-reader is that it is very light and much easier to read on the subway.  A book is often big and gets in the way.  I find that I read the e-reader much more when I am on publiic transportation than at home.  The content is the same for the most part.  The only real difference is in short form content, the Kindle Singles like Jeff Jarvis, Gutenberg the Geek are not available in print.  The e-reader is actually ideal for short form works like novellas or fifty page articles.  These make sense.  There are not that many short books produced.

I prefer to read books when I am at home or inside a building somewhere.  They are touchable and easier to read.  I also like the feel of books.  One of the biggest factors of course is whether or not I can get it for free.  I borrow lots of library books.  A lot of people just want the content.  They are willing to take it either as a book or an e-reader if it is free or cheap.  There is of course the new strategy of E & P, where there is an electronic edition first and if you want the book, it gets printed on demand. For me, the book is often a container much like the e-reader is a container for the content which I'm interested in.

I also prefer large art books, graphic novels, and heavily illustrated books to be in book form.  I rather like idea of the book as an accessory where big coffee table books both make the home more welcome and are forms of art.  I think there will always be large decorated and photographic books.  I also think as e-books are more prominent to stay competitive the quality of art books and illustrated books will improve.  You will see things like metalwork, excellent slipcases, signed interior prints, improved typography, acid free paper, and better quality cover illustration more often.

I believe that 3D printing and print on demand for books will eventually integrate allowing for the creation of some very unique media items.  This is an excample from Shapeways http://www.shapeways.com/model/48858/full-bookhinge-dae.html   This is another example, a bookmark.
Another example, a bookend. http://www.shapeways.com/model/232594/bookends-for-paperbacks.html
Shapeways allows people to create customized 3D printed objects.

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