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Daily Thoughts 05/24/2012

Mihail Simonidi (1870 - 1933) - Le Figaro. circa 1900

Daily Thoughts 05/24/2012

Last night, I did a little bit more on Codecademy.  I mostly relaxed this morning on the train.

This morning, I updated the Twitter and Facebook account for the library. I also checked the displays.
The book Railsea by China Mieville came in for me to read.  This is a young adult fantasy.  I rather liked his other young adult fantasy Un Lun Dun.  His books have a unique character to them.

The book Visual Quickstart Guide Javascript came in by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith.  It is a brand new book with a 2012 copyright.  I am going to switch to reading this.  I also found out that offers Javascript video tutorials.

We have the computer lab open today from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m..

I was looking at my email today and I noticed that the system was offering Ipad training.  I bought an e-reader to learn about e-books.  I am a little wary of buying a tablet yet.  I know that eventually, it might catch up.  An Ipad is expensive.  I have been thinking about buying a new computer for a while.  The December 2011 issue of Consumer Reports magazine covers computers. 

There is the question of buying a laptop versus a desktop.  Increasingly, if I want to take some computer classes or go to a computerized meeting, you may be expected to bring a laptop as part of the training process.

I spent some time looking through our Collection Management sheet where we write down patron requests and the weekly Purchase Alerts which tell us what has been recently placed on hold.  Most of the purchase alerts are for dvds.  The books on the Purchase Alerts are mostly for bestselling authors.  The Collection Management sheet is mainly books which we might not have on a wide variety of subjects.

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