Thursday, May 3, 2012

Daily Thoughts 05/03/2012

Mary Cassatt, The Letter, 1890-1891

Daily Thoughts 05/03/2012

This morning, I checked the displays, updated the Twitter and Facebook accounts, checked the gift books, and did the email reference.  I also got a call from Centerpoint Large Print.  We have a number of homes for the aged in our community.  One of the things older people ask for a lot is art books.  It would be nice to see some biographies of popular artists like Monet, Van Gogh, and Picasso in large print.

I spent a little bit of time on Codecademy learning a bit more CSS.  CSS is a challenge for me.

There was a meeting today to discuss programming.  I often do adult programs.  It was interesting.  I spent a little time thinking about programming.

We are having The Friends of the Library Book and Bake Sale is on Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5, 2012.  It is always nice to see the book and bake sale because we have some of our retired staff in the Friends of the Library.  It creates a continuity for people who worked at the library.  The Friends of the Library are getting the book and bake sale ready right now.

We have the Computer Lab for Academic Use from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m..  People often look for jobs or do research during this time period.

On the way home today, I spent some time reading Straphanger.  Taras Grescoe is writing about the Paris metro.  They are planning on having automated trains in the near future.  It reminds me how far the Untied States is behind Europe when it comes to trains.  I read a bit more and learned that bullet trains in Germany run up to 150 mile per hour which is quite fast.  I am rather enjoying his stridently rhetoric against cars.  I find it amusing if a bit impractical.

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