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Daily Thoughts 05/19/2012

15th century classroom, 1915, Pre-Reformation Scholars in Scotland in the XVIth Centur, W. Forbes-Leith
Daily Thoughts 05/19/2012

I spent a little bit of time checking my social media accounts and email.  People are starting to post about Book Expo America which I am looking forward to.  It will be a chance to talk to people and network.  It will be interesting seeing what new things are coming out at Book Expo America.  I always like walking the event floor.

I spent some more time learning CSS on Codecademy.  It is one of those things where the more you practice the easier it gets.  Right now, I am learning about borders and padding and the box model.  EPUB documents which is a standard put out by the International Digital Publishing Forum use XML extensible markup language which is a variation of HTML.  There is soon going to be a new release of EPUB called EPUB-3 which will allow a greater variety of formatting and content for standard e-books.  It will also be use HTML5 which can be used to build apps for both personal computers and smart phones.  This should make apps much more open than they currently are.

I learned that although you don't have to do Codecademy in sequence, in order to finish the sections, you do need to follow from the beginning.  Some of the parts of the section on CSS towards the end have bits on Javascript which I have not learned yet.

I have also been spending more time thinking about what I am doing, thinking, and saying as well as relaxing lately.  I have not been reading quite as much.

I have been thinking a little bit about the startup environment that I found most interesting.  I find Codecademy , Skillshare  and General Assembly all very interesting because they are all acknowledging themselves as educational startups focused on new ways to learn and teach things.  I have also noticed that New Work City has hosted some Skillshare classes.  Meetup in a way often focuses in similar way.  You meet with other people to discuss things.  Also, My Metro has been very focused on helping individual professional development.  It is a new function in the New York Metropolitan Library Council.

One of the interesting thngs about General Assembly is that exists to generate entrepreneurship and has a number of companies in residence that can stay for approximately one year then move on from the office space and training space.

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