Saturday, May 26, 2012

Daily Thoughts 05/26/2012

This is an illustration from The Works of J.W. Van Goethe 6. It is captioned '"Ottilie's favourite walk . . . was along a pleasant foot-path" / Photogravure from a painting by J. Schevrenberg', 1900

Daily Thoughts 05/26/2012

I udpated the Facebook page for the library.  I also watched a little bit of the Javascript training video on  After watching the video I downloaded Aptana which is a free text editor and Firebug which is a way to look at Javascript on different web pages.

I am reading Stephen Dando-Collins Legions of Rome.  I find Roman history very interesting.  I especially like Suetonius, The Lives of the Twelve Caesars.   There is a harsh discipline to Roman life.  I am learning a few new things about the legion.  For example, foreign auxiliary troops would serve to gain citizenship which was presented to them as a small bronze plaque.

I also read some more of the Visual Quickstart Guide to Javascript.  It presents many of its lessons in a visual way.  Computers tend to be very visual.  There is another series which a lot of people like which has a lot of images, the Teach Yourself Visually series.  In addition to computers, the Teach Yourself Visually series has a lot of books about musical instruments.

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