Saturday, September 28, 2019

Daily Thoughts 09/28/2019

Poland Mrs Batowska's travelling library.jpg
Poland Mrs Batowska's travelling library, 18th Century

Daily Thoughts 09/28/2019

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

I started reading The Art of Mindful Embracing The Wisdom of Words by Ella Berthoud.  This book is about reading as both a contemplative and meditative practice.

I read some more of The Disordered Mind last night.  Eric R.  Kandel describes how brain disorders can kindle creativity.

I checked the displays and the gift books.

I shifted some of the 300s.  I checked some of the 250s in the mezzanine.  I also checked some of the 300s on the main floor.

I am cutting out speech bubbles for a comics collage for the Comics Expo today from 12:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Mount Vernon Public Library.

Right now, I am watching the children's room.

The Mount Vernon Public Library Comic Expo is on today.  The bat mobile was at the Comic Expo as well as Ghostbusters car which were fun to look at up close.

I had a chance to buy a few issues of Judge Dredd and a few issues of Barbarella.

They were doing comics collage in the children's area.

I also had some jerk chicken for lunch which was good.

Right now, I am watching the adult area.

One of my colleagues is taking some pictures of the Comic Expo.

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