Sunday, December 16, 2007

Random Thoughts on Blogging

Well here are some random thoughts on blogging.

Today I was accepted into the Bookaholics Blogring. I really enjoyed looking at the blogs in this ring. They are all literary in nature. It is a break from Entrecard which is almost all business exchange links. There are so many blogs in the ring that it will take me a while to look at all of them.

My favorite site in the ring is Stephanie's Confessions of A Bookaholic. It is a quite excellent site on books. She reviews some books on Neil Gaiman and has a number of book challenges. Book Challenges are challenges that get you to read a set of books on a particular subject. There is even a "graphic novels challenge" on her site with a list to read. The site is quite excellent.

If you like poetry, there is a rather odd phenomenon happening called spam poetry, poems derived from spam.

Tea Reads on the Bookaholic Blogring has two spamkus on it worth reading. Something new for all the spammers in all of us.

The best of the spam poetry sites I have found so far is The Spam Poetry Anthology. It has a lot of depth and surprisingly good poems in it.

I have some further thoughts on my site. I had over 100 hits on my site yesterday-- 110 hits. I know, I am being a click monkey, but so what. It is nice to know people are at least looking at my site. I'll probably have to erase my hit counter again. It only covers the first 500 sites before it asks for payment. What is it with good free hit counters.


Morton Hurley said...

I use for my site. While it only logs the details of 10 visitors at a time, it keeps the number of hits, etc, for the life of your project.

Many many thanks for the kudos on my Spam Poetry Anthology page. It's a lot of work compiling and editing all that spam!

Book Calendar said...

Thank you so much. I really enjoy the poetry.