Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thoughts On Selling Bookish Items Using Widgets...

I have been following the dream of making money selling items using widgets. People make all sorts of wild claims. Make a $1000 a day online selling hair cream, make $10,000 a month with megabucks words. I checked my adsense for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised, I had earned 96 cents. I was expecting nothing. So, it is remotely possible after a year or two you could make a hundred dollars to two hundred a month with very high traffic from adsense. At least it is something.

At least adsense guarantees you make something when people look at your site. I have earned nothing from my widgets which attempt to sell things. However, I cannot give up hope. People have actually looked at the widgets. 17 people looked at my widget bucks site for comic books, and 17 people looked at my widgetbucks widget for bestsellers. Maybe, they even went back and supported their local bookstore. That is it. Please support your local bookstore.

They told the local bookstore worker, lets name him Bob.

Customer: "Hi Bob, I saw this wonderful graphic novel on this blog called V for Vendetta could you get it for me."

Bob, "Sure thing, we have it right here, that will be $17 dollars, cash, debit or credit."

Customer, "I have a twenty right here. One second." Customer fishes in his pocket and releases some lint, then pulls out a twenty dollar bill. "Oh and can I have that Harry Potter bookmark."

Bob, "Yes, that will be two dollars more for a total of $19. Here is your change." Bob hands the customer $1.

Customer, "Thankyou."

Bob, "No, thank you for coming by, have a wonderful day."

Customer leaves.

I think five people looked at my audiobooks widget. Also, a number of people looked at the Powells store site, but nobody bought anything. Maybe, they came back later to purchase it, or maybe they went to Amazon to purchase it. Once again, if you can go to Bob, your local hypothetical bookstore owner if you can. Support independent bookstores. They are part of your community and many of them are struggling to survive. I take the time to read the American Booksellers Association website. It is the site for independent booksellers.

I tried to add an ebooks widget today,, maybe someone will buy an ebook. I am really not sure about this though. Ebooks are the hardest bookstore type item to sell.

The next widget which I added was something called Cafe Press, a free store, which allows you to sell things with a logo you put on them. I put a logo on some items "Book Calender, A Blog About Books" in a hideous yellow on some mugs, a datebook, a few stickers, and other kitschy things.

I now have my widget bookstore, many items you would see in a bookstore in a little corner of a blog. I really don't expect you to buy anything. It is more an experiment than anything else at this point. I will be looking around and listening to the wonderful promises and glitter of monetizing your blog. Maybe, I will even reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and earn $20 in commissions by the end of next month. If I do, I'll buy myself a cup of coffee in celebration.


Quecumber said...

First I want to say something. Wow, you write a lot! ( have noticed the many well written posts you have done in such a short period of time! )

Now that I've expressed that, I want to share my experience regarding some of these topics with you... I run multiple blogs and have experimented with this stuff a little bit...

I've had a cafepress shop for quite some time now (a few years), and no one's every bought anything! I'm not saying it wont work for you... I'm just saying it's tough- especially because they're prices are high to begin with, so it makes difficult to mark anything up a cent for profit...

My best luck has been with Adsense too, however not the best luck. I suppose I find it hard to put ads on my site, because I don't like them myself. One blog I read seems to be placing ads very well (and making money with widgetbucks)... I really think it's all about the placement! I've experimented a little bit with placement and it helps.

My wife just made breakfast! Going to eat! Thank you for the comment at my site, I think you may have left the first genuine comment on my blog (which I've had for over a year!)...

Good day!

Book Calendar said...

Thanks for the response. The thing I notice about the site for widget bucks is that it has its own column for selling things and the things being sold are in a single column. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't necessarily offer a three column board. I will probably have to customize the site to make the layout work better. This might take a bit to figure out.