Monday, November 11, 2013

Daily Thoughts 11/11/2013

Daily Thoughts 11/11/2013

I spent some time answering a survey on Makerspaces in libraries. I have some reservations about them. A simpler approach focused on science crafts-- making pinwheels, magnetic goop, marble mazes, and building lego sets might work as part of crafts. There is a lot involved. I can also see things like do it yourself type programs like how to program a basic Arduino board, do projects from the Instructables site, or work with very basic computers like Raspberry Pi. More complex things like 3D printers would be a later step.

This afternoon, I spent a little bit more time reading Ipad the Missing Manual on the libraries Ipad Mini. It is a learning experience. I also read some more of Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth. It is rather interesting that he has no desire to be seen as a hero, he even says we remember villains far more than we remember heros. There is also a reminder that the person who is the friend to everyone is not a friend to himself. I'm at the point in the book where Mike Tyson has won his first heavyweight title. He still is connected to Brownsville, and describes his continued drinking, partying, and giving out money in his old haunts. The book is interesting in a dark sort of way.

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