Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Daily Thoughts 11/20/2013

Still Life With Attributes of the Arts, 1922, Zinadia Serebriakova

Daily Thoughts 11/20/2013

This morning, I read some more of Zero to Maker by David Lang. I am reading about entrepreneurship as part of the Maker movement and the concepts behind the idea of open source manufacturing. This book also describes how home electronics and new computer programs like Arduino are encouraging people to start making things and tinkering again.

This morning, I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library. I also checked the gift books and the displays. I started doing a little bit of weeding in the oversize books as well.

I spent a little bit of time working on a preview for a new web page suggesting some minor changes in the content focusing on digital media and book groups.

An article about the John Rizzo Photography Exhibit at the Mount Vernon Public Library.!john-rizzo-/c1xux

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The Most Popular Books of All Time: Infographic

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