Saturday, November 16, 2013

Daily Thoughts 11/16/2013

Daily Thoughts 11/16/2013

Last night, I watched Skyfall,the James Bond film. It felt very different than Ian Fleming would have created.

This morning, I checked the libraries Facebook and Twitter. I also started reading The Everything Store Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon by Brad Stone. The title refers to the initial idea of a store that would sell everything over the internet. Jeff Bezos chose books because they had commodity qualities about them; an individual title was exactly the same wherever it was being sent. I also learned about Jeff Bezos start as a hedge fund manager.

I started a second book as well, Zero to Maker Learn (Just Enough) to Make (Just About) Anything by David Lang. This book started as a project in career change for David Lang. David Lang is describing the Maker movement and how to become part of it. He correctly tells us that part of it is the ability to make customized products using desktop computerized equipment like CNC machines, 3D Printers, and laser cutters which are becoming much more affordable. The movement is not about the individual working to create a new invention, but about places and spaces where people collaborate to make new things.

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