Saturday, November 30, 2013

Daily Thoughts 11/30/2013

James Jacques Joseph Tissot, Denoisel Reading In the Garden, 1882, Etching on Wove Paper

Daily Thoughts 11/30/2013

I am thinking about starting a book club in January. I spent a little time checking the Twitter and Facebook for the library.

I read some more of Daniel Goleman Focus today. The author is writing about self-awareness. He describes how people who are more aware of their heartbeat tend to be more self-aware and describes mirror neurons. There is also some material on how others see us and how aware people are of how others see us. Sometimes, experiencing how others see us is enlightening. I had to take an intelligence test administered by a psychiatrist recently. It had results that were different than I expected. I have an IQ of 108, with an absolutely average ability to solve puzzles, and a verbal IQ of 120. What I am good at is understanding words. Of course being egotistical, I thought my IQ was much higher. The test feels very different when it is administered by a professional who is trying to find out your level of functionality. Self-awareness is important.

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Rare Books Vanish with a Librarian in the Plot

One must be ever vigilant with older books. Some people want them simply because they are there.

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