Saturday, April 17, 2010

Daily Thoughts 4/17/2010

Daily Thoughts 4/17/2010

My internet connection died at home today. I think the cablebox is no longer working. Time Warner Cable told me that they would have a technician over on April 21, 2010 on Wednesday. This is a little bit of time away. They also said something about they might have someone call me today and let me know if they can reschedule the technician for an earlier date. The last time I had a problem was about three years ago. It is an expensive service.

I am reading my various emails from yahoo, looking at Facebook and Blogcatalog. I also learned that Ning is shutting down its free networks, will probably shut down. I am hoping that they find a new place to migrate to or get a sponsor for their site.

Right now, I am at my local library using their computers. I have about an hour to use the computer then I will think about what else I might do.

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