Thursday, April 29, 2010

Daily Thoughts 4/29/2010

"The Library Automobile Truck in Washington County, Maryland". 1916.
Intermediate commentator notes "the truck appears to be an electric and has solid tires."

Daily Thoughts 4/29/2010

I am looking at two books, What To Do When The Economy Sucks by Peter Sander and Bill McKibben Eaarth. This is about some changes which may be coming in how we live because of global warming. He is talking about how disasters like Katrina, rising oceans, and other things will effect us economically in our every day lives.

2010 Best Crime Novels from Booklist

I am reading Purple Cow by Seth Godin which is a book about marketing. Seth Godin is a very popular business writer. He is making the argument that to succeed in marketing a product these days you need to have a very unique product which will be taken up by early adopters and spread quickly. He is arguing that television does not work that well. I kind of agree with this, I rarely read television, and untargeted newspaper and magazine advertising are not read that much. It is surprisingly entertaining for a business book.

I also took some time to look through library recommendation lists for websites. Most of the ones I looked at have very few review sites for films, audiobooks, and games for libraries. They still are very book oriented. They even miss some of the genres completely like media tie ins or inspirational fiction.

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