Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Daily Thoughts 4/7/2010

Suggested credit line: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Carl Van Vechten collection, [reproduction number, e.g., LC-USZ62-54231], James Branch Cabell, Public Domain

Daily Thoughts 4/7/2010

Today has been another quiet day. I changed the display for the storage books from fairytales to books on the west including westerns. People read a lot less western and pioneer literature. Zane Grey, Max Brand, Owen Wister, and Louis L'amour are not as popular as they used to be.

I also had some time to read Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Library Journal. The idea of the agency is kind of interesting. The publisher determines the price for the ebook, then the retailer gets a fixed percentage of profit, 30%. It puts more power into the producer of the work; the author and the publisher. It is a rather interesting idea.

We also had a collection development meeting. I have to check out the price for a docking station for ipods, iphones, kindles, and other devices for Overdrive. I'll probably do that on Friday.

Things are moving along steadily with the shifting projects. We have to look at labeling the shelves for the paperback fiction.

Things have been a little tight lately. We are starting to look at different vendors.

We are going to have a poetry open microphone on Saturday from 2-4 p.m. I have learned a few things. The first thing is to have a sign up sheet beforehand. The second thing to do is to call the people on the signup sheet a couple of days before the event to confirm people are coming and ask them to bring a friend. I have to think of which poetry I am going to read. I think we may open with people introducing themselves and asking people to make a short statement of why they are here. I think we will have a few poets from the community this time which should make it a a little bit better. Also we may have people from the senior center.

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