Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Daily Thoughts 4/6/2010

Amazing Stories, September 1928. Published by Experimenter Publishing Company Inc. Art by Frank R. Paul. Note the word Scientifiction on the cover. This was the original word for science fiction. It was a combination called scientific fiction.

Daily Thoughts 4/6/2010

I did not get a whole lot done today other than my taxes. Not a lot of reading or thinking. I probably should be thinking about poetry for April 10, 2010, but I am not.

Mainly I relaxed today.

I also learned that the May 16, 2010 plan to restart New York Is Book Country did not work out. It is disappointing. I was looking forward to it. Things are changing in the book world. http://www.newyorkisbookcountry.com/events/home.jsp

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