Friday, August 26, 2011

Daily Thoughts 8/26/2011

Portrait of a Woman, Reading A Book, Monogrammed and Dated 1907

Daily Thoughts 8/26/2011

I read some more of Ghost in the Wires.  There is a certain irony in how Kevin Mitnick is acting.  He is a detective at Teletech while he is hacking into computers.  Kevin Mitnick also shows an incredible naivete when he changes his identity, but does not change his hacking habits or his profession.

I spent some more time finishing a webinar on Indesign CS5 which is very different than Microsoft Publisher.  It seems to be a much more professionally oriented piece of software aimed at the publishing market.  

I also did some more training on on using social media.  

There is a storm coming so I went and bought some water and a few things to make sure everything was safe for us in case things got a bit messy.

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