Sunday, August 7, 2011

Daily Thoughts 8/7/2011

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Between 1913-1915, Liseuse à la Vénus (Gabrielle avec une sculpture)
Daily Thoughts 8/7/2011

This morning, I spent some time on Facebook and Twitter.  I find it interesting to do this.

I read some more of Blue Ocean Strategy this morning. It made me think of the changes which are coming with Ereaders.  The first wave will be Ereaders.  This will introduce lending Ereaders into libraries.  I am glad we have the Sony Ereaders.  However, we also have to be prepared for the second wave of dedicated devices for reading, tablets.  I am hearing rumors that there will be an Hewlett Packard tablet device soon, a Sony tablet device soon, and of course we will see upgrades to the Ipad.

I think that libraries need to be prepared for enhanced ebooks.  I have seen a few in our catalog from Overdrive, including an enhanced ebook of Keith Richard's Life.  I would like to see some on our computers just so people can use them and get a feel for them.

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Eastchester library will loan e-readers one of the few in the region to do so.

Biographers International is an association for Biography Writers

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