Monday, August 13, 2012

Daily Thoughts 08/13/2012

Paper manufacuring, illustration to Diderot's Encyclopédie. 18th Century, Hugo Rydén, Gunnar Stenhag, Dick Widing: Litteraturen genom tiderna. Kortfattad litteraturhistoria för gymnasieskolan. Stockholm 1982.

Daily Thoughts 08/13/2012

This weekend I have been slowly reading a variety of books.  I am reading Full Body Burden Growing Up In The Shadow of Rocky Flats by Kristen Iversen.  This is a combination of a memoir of growing up and an account of Rocky Flats.  Rocky Flats was a secret facility where they made the nuclear bomb triggers during the cold war.  The descriptions of the facility are both fascinating and scary.  There is an account of a fire inside the secret  facility which is intense.  There are also accounts of radiation leakage and environmental damage.  I also read some of Berlitz Essential Spanish.  I decided to learn some Spanish.  I am also reading See It and Say It in Spanish by Margarita Madrigal.  There are lots of simple line drawings.

This morning, I checked the Facebook and Twitter pages for the library.  I also checked the reference email.  We occassionally get recommendations to purchase items in this email.  I checked the gifts and the displays as well.  I also did a little bit of wrap up work on the Annual Adult Summer Reading Contest.

I did a little bit of inventory in the mezzanine.  I also placed a few orders, mainly books which patrons had requested.

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