Sunday, August 26, 2012

Daily Thoughts 08/26/2012

The shepherdess. Signed with monogram. Watercolour heightened with bodycolour. 15 x 22.5 cm, 1899

Daily Thoughts 08/26/20121

I am looking at Diamond Comics Top 100 Graphic Novels for July 2012.  Diamond Comics is the largest distributor of comics in the United States.

I have been reading a little more of Evolutionaries.  I like the book because of the concepts.  Things like epochal time which is a way of seeing millions of years into the future and the past, the idea that the world is constantly evolving,  and that science is facing a shift in its approach with more integrative disciplines like systems theory and ecology.  I am not convinced by Carter's Phipps that the ideas that are being presented are a paradigm shift.

I have also been reading Margarita Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish.  She is showing lists of words that are similar in Spanish and english or lists of words where there are changes in the endings like president versus presidente or delicious versus delicioso.  It is a way to help build vocabulary.

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